Fully-fledged Liquid Cool Solutions miniNODE up and running at DataQube HQ in Cambridge UK

DataQube Global Ltd, a technology infrastructure company changing the face of the data centre landscape, is pleased to announce it has integrated LCS miniNODE, a first of its kind harsh environment sealed cooling system, into its portfolio of edge data centre products.

DataQube announced an exclusivity arrangement with Liquid Cool Solutions Inc at DataCloud Global Congress 2022 and incorporating the company’s proprietary cooling technology into DataQube’s core architecture so swiftly after this collaboration cements a strong business arrangement between both parties.

Built using eco-friendly dielectric fluid, the LCS miniNODE is a harsh environment sealed cooling technology solution designed specifically for mission critical infrastructures where reliability, low maintenance, and product shelf life are key. Apart from delivering performance and operational advantages, miniNODE is fully aligned with DataQube’s green credentials by offering the potential to further reduce DataQube’s already low PUE of just 1.05emi, (achievable because of its unique person-free layout). Unlike other sealed cooling systems which are hampered in their performance due to lack of airflow, the dielectric fluid within the LCS miniNODE is 1400 x more effective in dissipating heat than air compared to conventional cooling infrastructures, which are power hungry and high C02 emitters.

“The environmental impact of the data centre industry is significant, estimated at between 5-9% of global electricity usage with data centre cooling infrastructure accounting for a significant proportion of this,” says Steve Pass COO of DataQube Global. “The DataQube/LCS collaboration will empower data centre companies to leverage the benefits of next-generation cooling solutions such as LCS miniNODEÔ and support them in their green initiatives and CRS targets.”

“DataQube continues to lead in developing edge and harsh environment applications of LiquidCool products, says  Ken Krei, CEO of LiquidCool. “Incorporating the miniNODE and our ZPServers creates significant opportunities for environmental benefits, including energy reduction, water savings, and reduced carbon footprint.”

Contact DataQube today if you’d like to arrange a demo (real world or virtual) of its podular data centre unit together with LCS miniNODE.






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