DataQube now supports Tank based Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

Cambridge UK, 15th May. DataQube Global Ltd, an edge data centre company is delighted to announce that it now supports tank based Liquid Immersion Systems.

Deploying tank based liquid immersion has never been easier. Using DataQube’s unique “podular” solution customers can have a fast, cost effective, complete solution with no requirement to retro-fit existing facilities. Whether for a POC or larger scale deployment DataQube makes the adoption of liquid cooling straight forward.

“The adoption of liquid cooling allows customers to significantly reduce their power consumption, physical footprint and thus improve their carbon footprint. DataQube supports all types of liquid cooling, rack based immersion, DLC and tank based immersion. Additionally, customers can mix & match cooling types within the same module so you can tailor “pods” to meet specific requirements. You could have tank & rack based immersion, DLC and air cooled equipment in the same module – how cool is that!.” Says DataQube’s CEO, Steve Pass

DataQube’s portfolio of podular edge data centre solutions have been developed for deployment in a vast range of challenging indoor and outdoor locations where traditional data centre installs are neither feasible nor practical due to their sheer magnitude and the upfront Capex needed.  Moreover, the demand for localised processing is growing as businesses leverage IoT to streamline processes and to have greater insight into product lifecycles.  The associated data generated as a result needs to be processed at source and in real time for performance, safety and usability reasons and facilities at the edge capable of meeting this demand quickly, cost effectively and sustainably are in short supply.

DataQube’s podular solution is setting a new standard in the industry due to its efficient use of space, optimized IT capacity and unique person-free layout which reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 56% making it truly ecologically sound.



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