DataQube Global is pioneering a new approach to Edge Data Centre infrastructures

New approach will help accelerate 5G rollout at scale thus expediting the deployment autonomous applications and smart technologies.

Cambridge, UK 4th May. DataQube Global Ltd, a disruptive start-up in the data centre space, is spearheading a new approach to edge computing and the seamless handling of high-volume data in readiness of 5G going mainstream. The company, together with a consortium of Telcos and ISP providers, have developed a self-contained solution, DataQube, that will enable HPC performance at the edge of the network in a robust, modular unit that is scalable according to requirements

The fifth-generation mobile network, along with IoT and AI, are poised to speed up breakthrough innovations and accelerate the deployment of autonomous applications including driverless vehicles, smart cities, shared transport networks and robotics. However, the embedded tech integral to their functionality will generate colossal amounts of data that will require real-time analysis as close to the source as possible for reliable and safe operations.  Data centre infrastructures in their existing format will struggle to achieve the required latency and uplink/downlink levels to make this possible.

Developed from the ground up to overcome these barriers, DataQube’s novel solution will provide organisations with a full range of data centre services where they need it, when they need it and in the configurations they require in any internal or external location. Installations can range from a from a single unit to a fully operational collocation solution and be fully operational within six month timeframe.

The solution also comprises cutting edge liquid cooling technology which offers the potential to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%. This is turn reduces O&M costs and helps businesses achieve their corporate responsibility of lowering C02 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement to try and limit global warming.

5G and automation are set to change the technology landscape. With easier access and faster interconnectivity businesses will become more agile and the adoption of smart applications will become more viable,” says David Keegan, CEO of DataQube Global Ltd. “Our new offering will enable businesses to benefit from next generation technologies cost effectively and sustainably.” 

DataQube can be previewed at the company’s HQ in Cambridge. Contact them today to see how this novel solution addresses edge computing challenges through a series of practical demonstrations of fully working units.



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