DataQube Global collaborates with LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) Inc in edge data centre project

Senior representatives from both companies will be virtually attending the DCD Edge Forum taking place 14th-15th April to introduce the project

Cambridge, UK 14th April 2021. DataQube Global Ltd, a disruptive digital infrastructure organisation spearheading a new approach in edge technology deployments, is working with Liquid Cool Solutions Inc (LCS), to incorporate their next-generation IT cooling technology into a novel, end-to-end edge data centre solution. LCS will be adding DataQube’s new offering to its product portfolio in response to growing demand for robust edge computing technology in North America.

5G and Gigabit broadband, combined with AI innovations, are fuelling demand for the seamless processing of high-volume data as close to the source as possible to overcome speed and latency challenges. DataQube’s unique approach will enable HPC performance at the edge of the network in a robust, modular unit that is scalable according to the requirements.

The new solution will provide organisations with a full range of data centre services where they need it, when they need it, in the configurations they require and at an affordable price point. The first DataQube units, which will comprise operational immersive technology, will be launched in May 2021. The company’s technical team will be showcasing the units at their Cambridge HQ and will also demonstrate all aspects of edge technology and edge data centres.

Building immersive cooling technology into the system’s unique design architecture not only removes the need for bulky air conditioning units that occupy a large amount of space, it extends the longevity of equipment and components. These operational benefits combined with the system’s person-free set up, allows for greater IT load per m2. DataQube is ideally suited to internal and external deployments at the edge of the network where conventional infrastructures are not viable due to size and capital investment.

Optimised use of space, together with a sterile operational environment and immersion cooling can reduce overall energy consumption by as much as 40% and eliminate water consumption as there is no need to control air quality and/or humidity levels. Moreover, any surplus energy may be reused for district heating, making the system truly sustainable.

“Air conditioning units and other cooling infrastructure account for around 30% of capex and around 50% of Opex conventional data centres,” says David Keegan, CEO of DataQube Global“Apart from lowering energy usage, our eco-friendly system will help businesses achieve their corporate responsibility of reducing C02 emissions in line with government targets to keep climate change in check.”

“Data centre infrastructures and their associated cooling tech are no longer sustainable in their existing formats because of the amount of energy and water consumed,” says Ken Krei, CEO of Liquid Cool Solutions. “Our collaboration with DataQube overcomes these sustainability barriers and we look forward to fruitful business opportunities for both parties.”

DataQube can be previewed at the company’s HQ in Cambridge.  Contact them today to see how this novel solution addresses edge computing challenges through a series of practical demonstrations of fully working units. 


About DataQube Global

DataQube Global is a disruptive start up poised to change the face of the data centre landscape. Founded in 2020 by a syndicate of industry experts who recognize the impact 5G, IoT and AI will have on data analysis and storage methods, the company has developed a novel edge data centre system to meet market demand.

The new solution replicates centralised data centre capabilities at the edge of the networks in a robust, modular unit that is scalable according to requirements. Its compact design,

lightweight material and person-free layout makes deployment possible in all internal or external locations across all industries. With a lead time of <20 weeks, no other edge data centre solution on the market today offers the same levels of energy efficiency, IT density or scalability and it is unrivalled in terms cost and speed to market.

About LiquidCool Solutions, inc.

 LiquidCool Solutions is a US based technology applications firm with 49 patents centered on cooling electronics via single-phase immersion in eco-friendly dielectric fluid.  LiquidCool’s product technologies focus on data center, edge computing, and harsh environment applications.  LiquidCool technology does not require water, mitigates harmful effects of climate and environment, and provides economic efficiencies across a variety of applications.



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