IoT, AI and M2M communication are redefining the digital landscape. 5G is reshaping things further by fuelling the widescale adoption of autonomous tech. From shared transport networks, unmanned transport management systems (UTMS) and smart cities, to smart medicine, mobile gaming, industry 4.0 and robotics. 5G will be the underpinning enabler to these next- generation services. The data generated as a result needs handling in real time for safety and usability reasons and edge facilities capable of achieving this are in short supply.

A breakthrough solution that delivers HPC performance at the edge of the network

DataQube is a breakthrough standalone, 5G-ready edge date centre system that replicates centralised data centre capabilities at the edge of the networks in a robust, flexible unit that is scalable according to requirements.

The system has been built from the ground up to power applications at the forefront of innovation including:

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Mobile gaming

Connectivity icon

Rural connectivity /

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Smart cities and shared
transport networks

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AI and machine

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Last mile

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Industry 4.0
and robotics

A scalable solution with world class cooling, power, and security capabilities


Expandable modular UPS system, providing power resilience in the event of a power failure/interruption


Switchboards & PDU’s
Configured to meet requirements, Tier 1-4, generator and load bank options


IT Pods
Air or Liquid cooled. Unlimited number of racks can be added


Cooling Units
Up to 30kW per rack with air cooling, up to 100kW per rack with liquid cooling

Annotated diagram
Annotated diagram

Fire suppression/detection
Each pod is fitted with fire detection and an automated self-activating fire extinguishing system


24×7 security monitoring, intruder detection, CCTV installed on the exterior of each pod


External pod
Fully waterproof, IP rated outer structure to protect all internal equipment


High density
Immersive and subversive liquid cooling systems

Security that satisfies Government secret requirements

All deployed security systems and processes have been designed in accordance with current SBD standards. DataQube’s outer and inner casings are highly resilient and tamper-free due to their unique manufacture with intruder alarm and CCTV built-in for heightened security. The system’s IT infrastructure is protected by KryptoKloud’s award-winning cyber security monitoring software which leverage darknet intelligence for enhanced detection capabilities. All communication is dynamically monitored 24×7 to proactively identify possible breaches and if any malicious activity is detected, an alert is triggered, together with a comprehensive escalation process for damage limitation and control.

DataQube’s Cybersecurity Platform Assures Three Critical Components:
  • Heightened security of data flows between internal/external systems and devices and information transmitted via RF or fibre
  • Around the clock protection of all IT assets housed inside the unit
  • Tamper-free, multilayer security mechanism to mitigate weak spots between the transmission layers
Native security
DataQube’s Native Security tools deliver the following:
  • 24×7 automated vulnerability assessment of all hardware, software and firmware housed inside DataQube
  • Intelligence-based security monitoring for proactive threat detection and efficient correlation of information and/or assets compromised
  • Onsite team of trained security professionals to guarantee heightened protection for already robust units