The world’s first standalone 5G-ready edge data centre system

DataQube is a breakthrough solution that delivers high performance compute (HPC) at the edge of the network in a robust, standalone unit that is scalable and customisable according to requirements.

Dataqube rack

Infinite flexibility

The system’s flexible structure, lightweight material and person-free layout enables multiple shape and configuration options making deployment possible in a vast range of internal and external locations where conventional setups are neither feasible not practical.

Dataqube versions
Dataqube versions


With a lead time of <6 months, no other Edge Data Centre solution on the market offers the same levels of energy efficiency, IT density or scalability and it is unrivalled in terms of cost and speed to market.

Unrivalled performance
Dataqube rack

Why you should choose DataQube

  • Flexible design architecture – to accommodate your existing equipment setups
  • Reduced upfront Capex – fully operational data centre for < £1m
  • Scalable – one rack or 100 racks, no problem
  • 5G-ready – for seamless interconnectivity between other IoT technologies
  • Flexible power options – supports all energy types in all combinations
  • Immersive cooling technology – for optimal PUE and lower TCO

Market sectors

DataQube is ideally suited to the following sectors

Telephone icon

Telcos / TowerCos /
ISP exchanges

Smart cities icon

OTTs / studios /
content providers

Transport networks icon

Smart cities & shared
transport networks

Warehouses icon

Warehouses and
trading estates

Public venues icon

Public venues – eg. shopping
malls, sports stadia

Industry icon

Industry and

Business parks icon

Business /
research parks

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