Diamond sponsors at DataCloud Global Congress

Diamond sponsors at DataCloud Global Congress

Drop by our booth at this prestigious event taking place in Monaco from 25-27th April

Guiding you through your edge journey

We area technology infrastructure company that designs and builds podular data centre solutions for a range of markets and applications. Our breakthrough offering assures high-speed, high-performance, and low latency processing at the edge in robust, standalone units that are scalable and adaptable according to requirements. Pods can operate independently as a mini data centre or merged in stacks. Installs are possible from less than 10 watts to +100 MW.

Infinite flexibility

Flexible designs, compact structures and person-free layouts enable multiple shape and configuration options, including curved corners, to support complex installations in challenging internal and external locations typically unsuited to digital infrastructures.

Dataqube versions
Dataqube versions

DataQubes efficient and compact design can be Install virtually anywhere in less than 6 months. Watch the video to find out more…

Installing Dataqube

Championing sustainability

Smaller foundations, reduced power consumption, swapping out reinforced concrete for reusable ground screws, and utilising coolants with a GWP of only 675 or lower makes for a smaller physical footprint.

Mobile data centres for easy relocation

DataQube is the only fully transportable and relocatable edge data centre that can be up and running within 24 hours, offering clients the ultimate flexibility.

Unrivalled performance
DataQube 5G ready system

Why DataQube

  • Proven expertise - 30 years plus experience in data centre implementations
  • In-house technical excellence – no third-party consultants needed for breakthrough innovations
  • Built to ballistic standards – for ultimate resilience and security
  • Flexible power options – supports all energy types in all combinations
  • Ecologically sound –  major embodied carbon footprint reductions <250g CO2/kwh
  • Efficient - PUE as low as 1.05emi
  • Sustainability champions - reusable materials, greener coolants, renewable energy sources
  • Future-ready – Supports all connectivity options; 4G, 5G, MM wave, satellite etc for higher bandwidth and seamless failover

The future of an interconnected world

Edge data centre solutions with minimal fibre cabling requirements

3D city

DataQube have a solution for every industry